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Welcome to our Empowered-ME & Ayurvedic Wellness Classroom


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Expanding Intimate Wellness with Your Sutra-CBD

  • Interaction 1 of 7: Empowering Aroma

    What is CBD and why should I use it? How does the Empowering Aroma of Cannabidiol Sutra-CBD Expand Your Immediate Wellness?

  • Interaction 2 of 7: Empowering Vision

    Why are your label-reading skills vital to the value of your CBD (Cannabidiol) therapy? What is your favorite ingredient in other personal lubricants you have used and why did that manufacturer include it?

  • Interaction 3 of 7: Empowering Taste

    How does the natural-coloration of our Sutra-CBD ensure that you're fully enjoying the expanding benefits of Cannabidiol? Why is it important for you to be able to SAFELY taste your Sutra-CBD lubricant as part of your overall Cannabidiol-Wellness therapy?

  • Interaction 4 of 7: Empowering Touch

    How can our Sutra-CBD most efficiently prepare your mind and body to enhance intimacy for mutually rewarding intercourse?

  • Interaction 5 of 7: Empowering Intimacy

    How does the Cannabidiol in Sutra-CBD alleviate the stress and anxiety that often inhibits the desire for sexual interaction?

  • Interaction 6 of 7: Empowering Purity

    How does Empowered Products ensure that the Cannabidiol in the Sutra-CBD I'm enjoying is of the highest level of Purity?

  • Interaction 7 of 7: Empowering Compliance

    Why is it important for the Cannabidiol in Sutra-CBD to be extracted from hemp grown outside of the United States, especially for business owners?

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